Canada Imposes 295% and 101% Tariffs on Upholstered Furniture in China and Vietnam

2021-05-24 11:05:46 taihua

Not long ago, the United States just announced a round of anti-dumping sanctions and imposed anti-dumping duties on 7 countries including China, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

However, on May 5, Canada suddenly announced that it would impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties on upholstered furniture imported from China and Vietnam. Among them, a minimum of 20.65% and a maximum of 206.36% of anti-dumping duties are levied on 28 Chinese companies. These companies include, Hengling Home Furnishing, Zoy Home Furnishing, KUKA, Delance Furniture under Man Wah Holdings, HTL Huadali, Natuzzi (China) and other enterprises. In addition, for all other exporters from China, a uniform anti-dumping duty of up to 295.90% is levied.

According to the ruling, goods released from the customs on or after May 5 will be subject to temporary duties. The Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) will continue its investigation and is expected to announce the final findings before September 2.